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Posted on 11 February 2017


Managing a full-time job and being a 'sidepreneur' is challenging at times. However, driven by the desire to influence fashion consumers and to raise awareness around negative environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry, we’ve decided to launch Fauna. 

While starting a business is often stressful, I have been enjoying the journey, which so far has been full of adventure and learning. One of the best parts of moving ahead with this project is, no doubt, the support and encouragement we have received from people around us. We rely on the advice of friends and professionals from various fields and, of course, we wear different hats and tackle anything that comes up, from partnerships with brands, to design and branding, to marketing strategies, to sustainability curation, to financial controlling, to logistics - to name a few.

Fauna requires a lot of commitment, devotion and discipline. I know that we must be prepared not only to take advantage of opportunities that arise, but also to face the daily challenges of starting something from scratch.

Time management is one of our greatest challenges. In addition to reconciling Fauna with our jobs and our personal lives, we are physically distant: I live in Rio de Janeiro, while the rest of the team is in New York. We deal with the situation through efficient planning, constant communication and clear division of responsibilities. That way we can carry out the multiple activities required to keep growing. My ability to multi-task has never been better. I'm learning to optimize every second, and while doing so, having a great time as I help build Fauna. 

It’s clear that the fashion industry needs to become more sustainable, and Fauna’s goal is to connect buyers to sustainable fashion brands. With so many cool alternatives out there that are not ‘eco-boring’ we want to help make those options accessible. Let’s stop the impulse purchases and make more conscious choices!

I am excited to get to know you and to be part of the Fauna family. It’s a pleasure to share this journey with you!

By Rafaela Machado  

Photo credit: Rafaela Machado

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