Peace and Fashion on the Horizon

Posted on 09 November 2017

Fauna Peace Boat

Photo: Peace Boat

Sailing away...

On October 15, we boarded a (very) big and impressive ship: Peace Boat. The world’s largest passenger ship that usually sails around the globe for peace and sustainability also served as a beautiful setting for a fashion show in New York City that night. Fauna is proud to have been a part of the show, promoting sustainable fashion, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Peace Boat’s 95th Global Voyage for Peace!

Fauna Peace Boat Sustainable Fashion Show

Photo: Aline Müller

Each brand chosen for sustainability

With 900 people participating in ‘Floating Festival for Sustainability‘, the fashion show was part of a big celebration of the SDGs and the international climate change agenda. Fauna joined the fashion show alongside companies that see fashion as a force of good. Our purpose was to demonstrate how fashion can help achieve the SDGs through innovation, responsible sourcing and fair production methods. Fauna's brands are each chosen because of how they fit with our sustainability values, and the show included pieces from CabocloEmi BeachwearMovin and Shwe

Fauna Sustainabel Fashion Show Peace Boat

Photo: Aline Müller

The 101 on SDGs

Here is the 101 on the SDGs: the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to improve the lives and future prospects of everyone, everywhere. Featuring 17 goals and 169 targets developed in consultation with governments, NGOs, business, academia, and other stakeholders - the agenda was proposed by the UN and adopted by governments in 2015. Countries globally have thus committed to tracking progress and achieving these goals by 2030. (No big deal.) Fauna Sustainable Fashion Show Peace Boat

Photo: Aline Müller

Fashion's impact on the SDGs

Fashion is one of the most resource intensive industries in the world, and figures show that the apparel industry’s supply chain employed about 60 million people along its value chain in 2016. For many reasons, this industry is an engine for global development. It touches upon almost all the SDGs and covers issues such as the environment, labor, human rights and supply chain. We think the fashion industry can be an innovator, pushing towards sustainable solutions to urgently address critical environmental, social, and ethical challenges across the globe. We are excited to be part of this journey - we see a better kind of fashion on horizon. 


By Carolina Perlingiere & Lilian Liu

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