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Posted on 04 March 2017

'A capsule collection' is a minimal wardrobe that includes a finite number of interchangeable pieces that you love. This is how I transformed my wardrobe and how it impacted me.

I’ve been trying to improve my wardrobe for a while now. Although it’s an ongoing project, I’m thrilled with my progress! I used to take hours getting dressed in the morning: faced with a closet filled with rumpled clothes, I didn’t feel like wearing a single item! I know that the “I don’t have anything to wear” conundrum is cliché, but I also know that it’s present in the lives of many. The feeling of dissatisfaction despite a world of choices that exists in our closets creates anxiety, and motivates irrational (and often unnecessary) shopping trips. Since cliché also means tacky and boring in my book, I decided to transform my wardrobe. Truly loving only a few pieces of clothing while not using 80% of your wardrobe makes absolutely no sense, occupies valuable square footage (especially in the tiny New York apartment where I reside), rumples clothes, and wastes time (I would try on a million different combinations before finally deciding to wear “the usual”.)

How did this change impact me? Since I decided to transform my wardrobe, I’ve become more:

1. Punctual – I’d say I arrive on time 85% of the time - OK, maybe not on the dot, but at least my tardiness is no longer influenced by extra time spent wondering what to wear.

2. Connected, secure, and happy – I start my days stress free, which says a lot since I am not a morning person. Indecisiveness over what to wear right after getting out of bed drove me straight into a bad mood! Now, I see a purpose to how I choose my clothes for the day, and no longer feel like I’m trapped in the wrong outfit. I love all of my clothes, but when that feeling goes away, I find the right place for each piece by reselling, donating, or recycling it. Not to mention that packing prior to a trip is now fun!

3. Creative and spontaneous – I’ve learned to reinvent myself every day through my outfit, and it’s now easy to dress according to my mood.

My primary source of inspiration to make this change was the concept of the “capsule wardrobe.” The capsule wardrobe consists of a minimal wardrobe, with a finite number of interchangeable pieces that you love. For example, you could own 25-30 pieces that match with one another. This allows you to minimize the number of individual articles of clothing in your wardrobe, while maximizing the number of possible outfits.

Today, I actually stop and reflect before buying a new piece of clothing, I don’t make impulse purchases, and I don’t mind paying more for something that will be part of my capsule wardrobe. Will I use it at least 30 times? Is it timeless? How durable is the piece? What about its versatility? Will I get tired of its color or print? How was the piece made? Does it help me convey who I truly am? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then I know it’s worth it. And little by little, my wardrobe is becoming better, leaner, and exclusively composed of clothes that make sense.

I’ve listed a few brands and a tool that embrace the concept of timelessness and the capsule wardrobe:

1.     VETTA

Recently, stylists Cara and Vanessa launched the capsule collection VETTA. The collection is made of five pieces with which you can create 30 different outfits. Each article is sustainably produced in the USA using eco-friendly materials. Talk about endless possibilities!

2.     Eileen Fisher

A pioneer in the concept of timeless fashion, Eileen Fisher has committed to producing 100% of its pieces from organic fabrics by 2020. The brand is a major source of inspiration for ethical and sustainable fashion.

3.     Flavia Aranha

The Brazilian stylist Flávia Aranha, from São Paulo, creates timeless pieces that are distinctly Brazilian, with natural materials and natural dying processes.

4.     Everlane

This San Francisco startup sells basic pieces that are timeless and of the highest quality. In addition, it is radically transparent about its value chain, including the factories where the pieces are made and their production costs.

5.     Capsules Beta and Marie Kondo

For those of you who need an extra hand, I discovered the very useful Capsules Beta app. And, of course, I’d be remiss not to mention the Marie Kondo best seller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” for a step-by-step guide to putting your closet in order.

Good luck, and don’t forget to reinvent yourself every day!


By Carolina Perlingiere

Photo credit: VETTA 

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