Adriana Valente

Adriana Valente

Adriana Valente found her passion in wood. Her wood-carved jewels are true pieces of art. For the designer, there is nothing more powerful than working with nature and enabling people to take a bit of nature with them.

Concern for the environment imbues the entire brand’s work. 100% of the wood used in Adriana’s creations had been previously discarded. Everything is made by hand respecting the rhythm of the processes, in smaller batches and respecting the hands that make each piece. The care taken with each step of production is part of a value proposition focused on slow design and conscious consumption.

Urubatan Oliveira is the sculptor who gives life to Adriana's creations. With more than 40 years of experience, Urubatan sculpts piece by piece in a detailed and "almost perfect" handicraft. Because, as he says himself, only nature is perfect.

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