Caíques believes that footwear and sustainability can go hand in hand. The brand produces handcrafted shoes consciously, reusing leather flaps that large companies leave behind and re-using airplane tires, which have soles to last a lifetime. The brand has been working with this material for more than 20 years. Currently, Caíques recycles 2 tons of airplane tire per season.

The result is shoes and sandals, which, in addition to being strong, light and flexible, are full of stories and respect for the world.

The waste generated by the production process of the brand is almost zero: the tire remains are sent to a recycling company, and unused leather garments gain a new life in the hands of local artisans.

The brand also offers lifetime maintenance for your CAÍQUES: it repairs any small defects that may appear throughout the life of your shoe.

Caíques is a family business, born in São Pedro da Serra, Lumiar - RJ, Brazil. Caíque, the founder of the brand, is still part of the production and trains the company's employees. Mariana and Iasmine, his two daughters, grew up watching their father make shoes and today they are proud to give continuity to this special trade: being a shoemaker.

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