Côté was founded at the end of 2015 by the architect Priscila Elisa Bersellini, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as a provocation about the use and repurposing of industrial production residues and discarded material. Since then, she has been searching and working on the resignification of those materials as accessories and small design pieces.

The brand’s pieces are inspired on artists, architects or designers that defined an era or that have impacted society in a positive way, and are named after them.

The brand produces pieces with timeless design, with #crueltyfree products, and from discarded materials.

The wood, the concrete dust, and the rubber, collected in local shops or in partnership with factories, are carefully chosen, measured and sanitized. Each material receives a specific cutting plan to guarantee the best possible use.

Priscila is responsible for the creative process, from the research and material collection with the industry partners until the final product. The objective is to value the labor and small-scale production of the brand, guaranteeing products that are exclusive and full of history!

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