Emi Beachwear

Emi Beachwear

EMI Beachwear is a sustainable and innovative brand that makes swimwear for women. Their bikinis and bathing suits are made of biodegradable polyamide fabrics that decompose within 4 years when properly discarded in landfills.

The transformation of the polyamide allows bacteria to feed off of the polyamide DNA (87% polyamide, 13% elastane), leading to much faster decomposition in comparison to traditional fibers that take decades to decompose. But do not worry, their bikinis don’t biodegrade while in use! Decomposition only occurs after the pieces are discarded into landfill where there is bacterial activity.

EMI Beachwear also collects leftovers fabrics for future use in up-cycled products and all products are made locally in Rio de Janeiro.

The patterns are carefully hand-crafted and based on the original paintings of founder and designer Anna Luiza Vasconcellos. EMI proves that it is possible to create beautiful and high-quality swimwear using sustainable fabrics and solutions.

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