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Zeq Peroba Rosa


One size


Unissex, round and medium-sized, Zeq underwent two design changes since its inception to arrive at its current, ideal shape. 100% UV protection and water proof frame.

Composition: rediscovered wood.

As a pilot project, the brand recovered artisanal techniques with low environmental impact for the production of sunglasses with repurposed wood. Training a small production chain made up of local artisans enabled the production of resistant, refined, and beautifully finished wooden glasses made from noble woods that are full of history, such as Pinhos de Riga and Jacarandás.

Made in  

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Garment Care

Wash the lenses under running water with neutral soap and dry with a soft, fine cloth

The Story


Born in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Zerezes transforms environmentally-friendly raw materials into timeless, long-lasting sunglasses.

The Zerezes series made from wood utilizes both repurposed wood and the sawdust created in its processing, as well as new wood that has been extracted and certified by Brazil's environmental authority IBAMA.

The brand highlights the roles of its specialist artisans in the processing, manufacturing, finishing, and assembly stages of its sunglasses. With designs and processes geared towards longevity and 100% local employment, the brand is guided by fair labor practices.

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