"An idea always comes from dissatisfaction or the need for change, whatever it may be" - Lucas Arcoverde, designer and founder of Mescla.

Mescla was born in 2012 with the aim of changing the concept of fashion in Rio. Fond of design, Lucas noticed few brands communicated the story behind each creation, where clothes aren't just a visual expression, but also entail deeper meaning. When researching fabrics and production cycles, Lucas realized that he could combine lifestyle and environmental awareness to differentiate Mescla from other brands through using recycled and organic materials.

Mescla’s products are consciously designed and as the name indicates (“Mescla” means “to mix” in Portuguese), the brand speaks of merging the past with the present, the contrast of urban and nature, with designs that follow social developments.

The brand values the local economy and looks for solutions to reduce environmental impact, such as using organic cotton to reduce the use of pesticides. Mescla also uses PET fibers and recycles leftover cotton to create new fabrics. Finally, discarded rubber tires are used in some designs, reducing the waste of rubber (one of the materials that takes the longest to decompose).

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