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Long sleeve sweater dress, with the front short and long at the back. The production of the Hooded Ecotex fabric is made from ABR cotton strand with international BCI and OEKO-TES certificate. Those certifications guarantee that materials are produced sustainably, respecting natural resources and minimizing environmental impacts, ensuring working laws and conditions are being respected, and that the product is free of chemical contamination which may cause health problems. In the coloring step, the used process is the Organox, an organic textile technology that completely replaces the traditional coloring process made with chemical products (hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda) to organic products. The result is a bulkier and softer fabric, with a reduction of peeling and better stitching. In relation to the environmental impact, the process consumes 50% less energy than the traditional one, generates less CO2 and reduces the number of chemicals thrown out in nature, preserving the environment and the workers' health. The process of ABR strand production is accompanied from the seed to the stitch, ensuring that social, environmental and economic worldwide standards are followed. Cotton production receives a certificate from every country's competent authority - in Brazil, the competent authority is called ABRAPA and has international recognition from BCI (Better Cotton Institute).

Composition: HOODED ECOTEX FABRIC - 100% ABR cotton

Made in  

Porto Alegre, Brazil 

Garment Care

Hand wash in cold water. Line dry only

The Story


Launched in 2016, the main objective of the brand, which eats and breathes sustainability, is to show that it is possible to use eco-friendly fabrics without neglecting what really drives the fashion industry: the design.

With the modern and conscious consumer in mind, Mudha uses only organic and recycled raw materials and maintains a fair and clean production chain. Fabrics used by the brand include: natural linen, recycled cotton, recycled jeans/twill, and bio viscose.


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