The motivation to start OAZÔ came from the perception of the negative effects of consumerism and inefficient management of some fashion sectors. The consequences of these practices generate a large amount of high quality discarded fabrics and leftovers. Once she realized this, Tatiana Messer Rybalowski had the idea to reuse these fabrics, giving them new life.

Since products of the brand are made from the reuse and upcycling of discarded and leftover materials, all pieces are unique and exclusive: one of a kind.

The mission of the brand is to give new life to materials that have lost their value for many reasons: insufficient quantity to produce more than a single piece, part of last season's collection, leftovers, and other many reasons that don't let them qualify as an industrial raw material.

All of the processes, including cutting details, sewing and decoration, are carefully crafted individually by hand. OAZÔ offers an elaborate and conscious design, and guarantees the quality of every detail.

The pillars of the brand are based on the reuse, upcycling, resignification, slow fashion, sustainability, respect, and ethics. Its products are artisanal, long lasting, timeless and exclusive.

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