SOHÁ is a brand of modern mantles. The brand works in collaboration with several artists in the creation of its prints and pieces, and believes that the magic of clothing is not only in visual beauty, but in the energy that the clothes emanate. That is why the brand says its pieces are modern mantles, with the principle that they are not only beautiful but also emit the highest vibrations.

With this in mind, SOHÁ carefully chooses its fabrics to guarantee that there are no animal elements, and that its productive process has minimal impact on Mother Nature by using leftover textiles and organic fabrics. This is combined with zero-waste, vegan, and natural printing techniques. The brand works with independent seamstresses, with the objective of helping these women generate their own income.

In the final step of production, the mantles imbibe love, reiki and floral water so that they reach the consumer with the best vibrations!

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