• line skirt black movin long linen viscose bamboo sustainable
  • line skirt black movin long linen viscose bamboo sustainable back


Line skirt




Long women's basic skirt in linen and bamboo.

Composition: 68% viscose, 29% linen and 3% elastane.

Material: Bamboo and linen.

Bamboo is a biodegradable fiber that is extremely light to the touch. Its cultivation does not require fertilizers, as the shoot grows very quickly. There is also no need for pesticides since bamboo is naturally pest-resistant. The highly versatile bamboo fiber uses very little water in its irrigation process and absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than cotton or trees, for example. In addition, bamboo is antibacterial, inhibits odors and dries quickly. 

The linen comes from a fibrous plant, with linseed. Being a natural fiber from a renewable font owns biodegradable proprieties. The cultivation requires 20 times less water than the cotton and dispenses the utilization of chemical fertilizers. As it doesn't attack the ground, can be used as crop rotation, meaning, in different periods, the farmer can replace the cultivation of linen with other kinds of cultivations. The linen is known to be a high-end material because its development requires a lot of quality and the high scale production is not recommended.

Certification: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: Issued by the Zurich-based International OEKO-TEX@Association. This certification analyzes the entire raw materials production process to certify that the textiles do not contain harmful substances. 

Made in  

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Garment Care

Hand wash in cold water. Line dry only

The Story


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, Movin is a brand focused on quality basics in the black and white palette, developed from sustainable materials (a.k.a. “smart materials”) which, among other things, reduce or eliminate water consumption, harmful chemicals, and carbon emissions in the production process.

Organic, recycled, non-traditional and technological raw materials are the basis of Movin. The brand sources textiles that do not degrade the environment, values transparency and shares all operational data – including costs, sourcing, and attributes – with the consumer. In addition, Movin was the first Brazilian fashion brand to be certified in the B System.

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