ZÓIA is a Brazilian brand of personal accessories that combines art and design in its creation process. With its own contemporary identity, the brand - which in Greek means "life" - develops products created from unusual, recycled or reused materials.

Art, design and sustainability combined with empirical sensitivity and productive rigor are the core concepts of the brand. Concepts that are embodied in the use of an authorial language allied to artisanal and technological processes, and in the use of alternative materials with design, preserving the simplicity and quality of production.

All ZÓIA products are produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for women who believe that the accessory is also a form of expression.

In addition to a line in plastic ceramics, ZÓIA is increasingly incorporating new materials into its Urban Residue and New Uses lines. Aluminum packaging, Tetrapak, cardboard and even recycled X-ray sheets are part of this product portfolio.

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