LILIAN LIU                            CAROLINA PERLINGIERE                    RAFAELA MACHADO    


Carolina Perlingiere is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is based in New York. The decision to help consumers make more sustainable choices, and to connect sustainable clothing brands from Brazil to local and international marketplaces, was an easy one. After working on enhancing environmental and social sustainability practices in companies and at international organizations, she realized that a true change in mindset cannot be achieved only through sweeping public statements, but through conscientious personal lifestyle choices - including in fashion! Carolina has worked on sustainability issues for the natural resources industry and the United Nations.


Lilian Liu is from Sweden and is based in New York. Of Chinese heritage, she was fascinated by how classic Swedish values that emphasized equality and balance stood in contrast to the frenzied economic growth she would witness in Shanghai. She quickly realized that a sustainable lifestyle is far from the norm everywhere - and that something needed to be done. Lilian worked on a range of sustainability and international affairs issues in France, China and the US. She helped launch the sustainable fashion movement in Asia together with NGO Redress. She is experienced in corporate sustainability and public-private partnerships from her work at the United Nations Global Compact.


Rafaela Machado is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When she encountered the idea of connecting small-scale sustainable fashion companies from Brazil to local and international marketplaces, she immediately knew that she wanted to be part of Fauna! Rafaela has helped investors start companies and has driven merger and acquisition projects in Brazil and China, in addition to working with international trade in Shanghai. During her time in Shanghai, Rafaela managed an office and developed and implemented new business and operational strategies. Her passion lies in taking ideas and identifying the commercial steps necessary to help them take shape.

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