• Hawaii Aloha Shirt
  • Hawaii Aloha Shirt


Hawaii Aloha Shirt


One Size (XL)


Aloha Vintage shirt. From the '80s.

Measures: Shoulder: 65cm / 25.6 in <> Bust: 130cm / 51.1 in <> Lenght: 75cm / 29.5 in

Composition: 100% Rayon

Note: because it is a vintage piece, it has been used and gone through several types of washing, it may show signs of ordinary wear and tear.

Found in  

Miami, USA

Garment Care

Hand wash in cold water. Line dry only.

The Story


thrift-y [thrif-tee];  Adjective 1. (of a person or their behavior) Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.

Thrif-tee believes in fashion as the personal expression of each individual. Therefore, it promotes the creation of new consumer habits, encouraging values ​​such as sustainability, fair trade and a socioeconomic conscience consistent with our time. Vintage tees and carefully selected pieces gain new life in the hands of model and businesswoman Marina Theiss, who travels the world in search of items with purpose.

Thrif-tee found in vintage a way to extend the life of hundreds of clothes and accessories. All pieces are unique, proposing a reflection about the rescue of cultural expression through the way we dress. The tags of the brand are produced with artisanal and ecological paper that is inlaid with flower seeds, generating life instead of garbage. After all, we are all made of stories.

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