• Necklace Campana - brown
  • Necklace Campana - brown
  • Necklace Campana - brown


Necklace Campana - brown




The piece is produced in multi-laminated plywood of discarded cherry blossom and white mdf, with laser cut. It comes with a long chain which has 80cm of length. 100% natural mineral oil and atoxic.

Côté pieces are produced with discarded materials, combining laser cutting and manual confection. The scratches that appear on the materials are preserved because they represent their story.

Made in  

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Garment Care

To preserve your Côté, avoid contact with water or grease, and avoid crumbling the piece.

The Story


Côté was founded at the end of 2015 by the architect Priscila Elisa Bersellini, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as a provocation about the use and repurposing of industrial production residues and discarded material. Since then, she has been searching and working on the resignification of those materials as accessories and small design pieces.  

The brand produces pieces with timeless design, with #crueltyfree products, and from discarded materials. 

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