• Prana Dress Beige
  • Prana Dress Beige
  • Prana Dress Beige


Prana Dress Beige

$112.00 $131.00



Long sleeve dress with raglan armhole, draped front detail and sporty handle. This fabric was manufactured wired AMNI SOUL ECO, the first wire Nylon 6.6 biodegradable of the world.

Composition: 87% polyamide and 13% spandex.

Measures (cm):

XS: Length: 88 / Bust: 76 / Waist: 57 / Hips: 80

S: Length: 90 / Bust: 82 / Waist: 63 / Hips: 86

M: Length: 92 / Bust: 88 / Waist: 70 / Hips: 91

L: Length: 94 / Bust: 94 / Waist: 76 / Hips: 97


Made in  

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil




Hand wash in cold water. Line dry only



By utilizing leftover materials such as textiles, metal, semi-precious stones, car parts and even computers, together with research and development of biodegradable materials, the brand developed its first collection. Partnerships with independent designers, craftsmen and craftswomen, and small local companies also demonstrate the brand’s sustainable approach of valuing local community development. Envido is very conscious about minimizing the impact of its raw materials, and uses CO2 emission-controlled textiles, biodegradable nylon, organic linen, and recycled materials, all of which are provided by Brazilian suppliers.

Sustainability, Functionality, and Context are the pillars of Envido, which helps to empower the fashion industry through economic development, environmental protection and social inclusion.

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